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15 Awesome Rock Climbing Photographers To Follow

Discover 15 inspiring rock climbing and adventure photographers to follow. From Michael Lim's striking contrasts to Lukasz Warzecha's captivating mountain scenes, these talented individuals showcase breathtaking climbing and bouldering moments. Explore their Instagram accounts for daily inspiration.
15 Awesome Rock Climbing Photographers To Follow


If you're like me you are always on the look out for new inspiring climbing photos and adventures.

Rest assured I've gathered a great list of people to make your search for stoke a little easier.

Today I’ll 15 of my favorite rock climbing, bouldering, and adventure photographers.


  1. Michael Lim: Instagram
    The connections, adventures, and spirit of climbing are clear in Michael’s photos. I love Michael’s use of contrast and colors and hope you give him a follow.
  2. Alec Carrier: Instagram
    Alec is a Portland photographer that I met at my local climbing gym. He’s got a good eye for moments and has to have a handle on the pulse of the Portland climbing scene which I appreciate.
  3. Truc Allen: Instagram
    Truc is another Pacific Northwest photographer. I haven’t met him in person, but see his work popping up all over the place. He has an eye for exposed views and does a great job showing what PNW climbing is all about.
  4. Peter Hoang: Instagram
    Gotta show love for the north. Peter’s is an Ontario, Canada-based climbing photographer. He has some great alpine and ice photography skills.
  5. Megan Joan Mack: Instagram
    Megan is a Bay Area California-based photographer. She does a great job capturing beautiful lines with some amazing light thrown in. I’m stoked to follow her on Instagram.
  6. Irene Yee: Instagram
    I stumbled upon Irene’s off-width work on Instagram. It made me pretty psyched to bust out the trad rack and contort my body in unnatural ways to fit in weird cracks. She’s got some beautiful photos and details of the off width crushing scene worth checking out.
  7. Paolo Sartori: Instagram
    Paolo is in the Italian Alps, and his beautiful pictures show it. Online his website and Instagram account showcase big mountain climbing scenes. As well as far-flung locations across the globe.
  8. Aaron Colussi: Instagram
    Aaron has a lot of great adventure photography photos. Besides his climbing work, I especially love his canyoneering and trail running series.
  9. Francois Lebeau: Instagram
    Francois is another Bay Area transplant with an impressive body of work. There are some stoke inducing photos that you need to check out for yourself.
  10. Coleman Becker: Instagram
    Coleman is a Tempe, Arizona photographer. He does a good job incorporating some artificial light into his bouldering photos.
  11. Andy Day: Instagram
    You know what you don't see enough of these days? Buildering photos. Andy does an awesome job of showing beautiful climbing in urban environments.
  12. Jan Novak: Instagram
    Jan is a French photographer with some beautiful work. He incorporates unique angles and contrast. Worth giving a follow for sure.
  13. Matthew Sellick: Instagram
    I dig Matthews work. Not only the great climbing action. I also dig the way he captures all the fun, quirky, awesome moments between. His work speaks to the lifestyle.
  14. Matt Enlow: Instagram
    You know what I noticed first about Matt’s work? Tape gloves. There’s a raw adventurous element that goes with his work that I’m digging.
  15. Lukasz Warzecha: Instagram
    Lukasz is a UK based rock climbing and adventure photographer. He has a broad portfolio of work in the mountains. Check him out for some more climbing inspiration.