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Discover how to capture stunning travel photos while maintaining a balance between photography and adventure. Learn how to stay light, be fast, and seize spontaneous moments. Share your stories on the go and communicate your goals for successful shoots.

Its really hard to find the time to shoot photos or film while traveling on holiday.

Or maybe its not?

You can dramatically increase your odds of taking great adventure photos and getting your family and friends on board...

In today's post I'm going to explain exactly how I make time to create quality adventure photography while traveling.

Make it Easy

We all know that amazing photographs are a mix of great moments and great light. Either are not always in our control as adventure photographers.

When traveling or on vacation its not always fun to get up super early to catch that light. And we often can't predict when those amazing moments are.

Sometimes when we're in a new place we may not even know where those great places are.

So give yourself a break. You're an adventure photographer. You can still take great photos and tell stories about your adventure any time.

Embrace photography and the unknown all the time. Not only those early and late nights. You'll walk away with beautiful and authentic images.

Make it Accessible

Keep the gear and the moments accessible. Adventure sports storytelling is as much about the moments between the action.

That hike up to the crag, coiling ropes, cleaning goggles before dropping into a steep powder line.

Or its while you and your friends are exploring a new-to-you part of Paris.

Whether its an iPhone, a DSLR, or point and shoot. Keep your gear accessible and straight forward. You'll be more likely to see and capture those moments.

Spontaneous shots are authentic shots.

Make it Fun

We're drawn to photography and filmmaking to tell stories about our fun adventures.

Don't ruin that sense of fun by being completely rigid about; the gear you take, the times you go out, or the ways which you shoot.

Keep it fun. Whether you are alone, with athletes, or carting your friends on your adventures.

You'll find that people will respond to your work, and working with you, when they are having fun. Your photography shouldn't make it an annoying chore.

Make your travel and your experiences the adventure and keep it fun.

Make it Fast

Staying fast reduces the time it takes to do your thing.

Bring whatever gear you need to take the photos you want, but the lighter is usually faster. You'll you'll hold up your friends less, and be more focused with your work.

Find that sweet spot of light on gear and well equipped.

When you're climbing, skiing, or snowboarding you can't hold everyone up.

Balance work with play, and err on the side of being fast.

When traveling, do your thing fast so you can keep up with the group and photograph more stuff.

Make it Mobile

There's a big component of being mobile increasing your ability to share with others.

When you're traveling to far-flung places you're going to be on the move a lot. Seeing the sights, balancing photography, and exploring new places.

Figure out how to make it easy on yourself, and share your stories more often.

Share your stories more!

  • Can you transfer your photos to your phone, process, and post to Instagram at lunch?
  • Can you backup your images at the hotel at the end of the night?

Maximize the amount of storytelling you do while on the road because there's power in the moment. That's the adventure.

Make it your way

There's a time when you've got to break away and do your thing. Set expectations with your family, friends, athletes, crew what your goals are.

Communicate your passion, excitement and be willing to do it alone if needed to get that shot.

Your friends and family will understand.

You might always be running ahead, or catching up but they'll understand why.

So be willing to go after what you want when you want it. Wake up early if you need to, stay up late if you need to.

Make sacrifices when needed. Capture those great moments and tell the stories you are passionate about.

Parting Thoughts

Creating epic photos and films while traveling can be challenging.

It's all about keeping it fun and telling a story of your adventures that you can share with the world. That includes all elements of your adventure. The airport, restaurants, hikes, snowboarding. Reading books.

Stay ahead of the game by being fast, mobile, fun, accessible and most of all go easy on yourself while you travel.

There are countless opportunities to shoot new subjects. Get out of your comfort zone. Embrace it.