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People in Climbing: Jan Novak

The blog introduces Jan Novak, a French climbing photographer known for capturing climbing, bouldering, and portraiture with a unique, nature-inspired spirituality. His spontaneous, hard-working approach shines in his outdoor media work.
People in Climbing: Jan Novak
Credit: Benoit Foujols https://benoit.foujols.com


I decided to start a new series called "People in Climbing".

This is my way to share the stories of the people in the climbing industry who inspire me.

Whether photographers, athletes, editors, or writers. Climbing unites us all and I want to share that energy.

Jan Novak

This month I'm featuring Jan Novak. Jan is a fabulous French climbing photographer.

I have to say that I love France and the French culture. I'll try not to be too biased with my excitement about featuring Jan.

In my interactions with Jan it has been clear that he has a deep spirituality. A spirituality that encompasses nature in a way that I find inspiring.

His work has a lightness in energy and spirit that I attribute to his connection to nature. It's really nice to see.

Of course, you'll also see some really great bouldering, climbing and portrait photography.

So read on to learn more about Jan, and check out his work for yourself.


Q: How did you get your start in outdoor media? What was the turning point when you realized you could turn it into a profession?

Well, I always liked to take pictures of everything, kind of a passion.

When I decided to make my business with photography, I was really lucky to find quickly job for Office de Tourisme in one of the most beautiful valleys in France called Pays des Écrins and collaborated with magazines and outdoor companies.

Q: As a creative business owner how do you structure your days?

I am kind of disorganized and spontaneous person. I decide everything in the last moment.

My normal day is working at home on the computer on rainy days and being outside as much as possible on sunny days.

The problem is that in South French Alps there is always sun;)

Q: Who inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

Nature and Pachamama

Q: Where and how do you work best?

Beautiful places, great light, smiling people.

Q: If you had to start your business over what would you do differently?

Everything went fast and quite naturally. In the beginning it is a little bit stressful.

There is no secret, you just have to work like hell.

Q: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned along the way?

To meet and work with great and open people.

Q: What has been your hardest and most rewarding project?

Still waiting for it!!

Q: What's the best way to follow your work?

On Instagram @jan_novak_photography


If you've enjoyed learning about Jan, you can see more of his work on his website, or follow him on Instagram.